Better Search Engine Results

The major search engines place a lot of importance on the keywords in your domain name. If your company sells plumbing supplies, this keyword should appear in your domain name for the best results. One of our experienced support professionals can help you choose a domain name that incorporates popular keywords related to your business.

Business Branding

Short domain names will benefit your business much more than long domain names that are difficult to remember. If you plan to use your domain name in radio or television advertisements, you want a name that people can remember without writing it down. Picking the right domain name can also help you increase awareness of your brand in the online community. One of our Minnesota Web hosting professionals can help you pick a catchy domain name that people will be sure to remember.

Brand Protection

When you compete with other businesses, you need to protect your brand. If you do not buy a domain name with your company name or product name in it, another company could buy the domain and use it to take business away from you. One of our Minnesota Web host team members can help you register all of the necessary domain names and common misspellings of your company name so that no one can infringe upon your rights or use the domains to weaken your SEO strategy.