1. Are your servers in Minnesota?
  2. Although our company is based out of Minnesota, local data centers did not meet our strict requirements (network connectivity especially). After much research we have found and partnered with two data centers (currently in Los Angeles and Chicago) that are far superior to the local providers. As a result, we get the fastest, most reliable network and redundancy. We place our clients’ in the best possible location, after weighing out all details, services, and needs of the client. If a client prefers one location over another, they can indicate so in the comment field during the sign-up process. You are more than welcome to tour any of our data centers if you’re interested. Please contact us if you would like to schedule a visit.

  3. How long does it take for an account to be activated?
  4. After completing the order, your shared hosting account will be up and running within 1 hour (depending on payment status). VPS and Dedicated servers will be built, configured, and burned-in in approximately 48 hours.

  5. Do you provide 24×7 support?
  6. Yes, we offer 24×7 support via email only. We also communicate general information through Twitter (be sure to follow us), and other social media channels. Phone support is available upon request as we prefer to track support requests via email in order to provide the best possible support to our clients.

  7. Do you resell or own your own hardware?
  8. We lease space in our preferred data centers and own/maintain/operate all of our equipment. This gives our clients the most reliable servers and support since we are in full control of the hardware.

  9. What forms of payment do you accept?
  10. We accept and prefer payments by all major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express). We also accept PayPal, Google Checkout, Wire Transfer, and mail-in checks as well. Please keep in mind that billing and service is based on the date payment is received. So make sure to allow proper time if mailing a check to us.

  11. Are your servers Linux or Windows Based?
  12. Our servers are Linux based and support the most popular platforms. Although we no longer support Windows based servers, we do find that most of our clients prefer to have their site hosted on a platform that is much more reliable and trustworthy. That’s why we keep our clients on a Linux server running the latest version of CentOS that stays running night and day with the latest security updates. If you must have a Windows server, we can customize a plan that will work for you, but do ask that you look at the benefits of Linux before requesting to have your site powered by a Windows server.

  13. How often will I be charged for my account?
  14. We leave this up to what works best for you or for your business. Our clients can choose from being billed monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually. This option empowers our clients to take full control of their finances and makes it easier for those that need the flexibility. You can choose which option works best during the sign-up process. You can change your preference at a later time if you wish.

  15. Do I have to be from Minnesota to use your services?
  16. Absolutely not. Many of our clients have heard of our reputation for delivering fast and reliable services and support and are from all over the country. Although we cater to our home state, we invite all who need reliable hosting services to join us.

  17. Do you offer Backup?
  18. Backups are extremely important. That’s why we offer extremely redundant backup services to all of our clients. We backup full accounts hourly (very rare in this industry) daily, weekly, monthly and also utilize other off-site resources like Amazon S3 Storage Services.

  19. Do you offer money back guarantee?
  20. Absolutely! If you are not fully satisfied with our services or support, you can get your money back with our 30 day money-back guarantee. Please keep in mind that you are not under a contract if you are a shared hosting customer and can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at anytime. We don’t hold you, your website or your domain name hostage like some of the other hosting companies do. It is our way helping you to feel comfortable knowing that our service and support is keeping you with us, not a contract.

  21. Can I upgrade or downgrade my services anytime?
  22. Yes. If you are a shared hosting client you may upgrade or downgrade your account at anytime. You can use our Client Portal to make the account changes or order new services. VPS and Dedicated server clients may also upgrade their services when they feel they have outgrown the available resources that they’re currently using. Since upgrading to larger servers requires time to build and test, we recommend requesting an upgraded server in advance by sending an email to billing@mnhost.com.